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C-Peptide, 24 Hrs Urine

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Insulin C-peptide 24 Hrs Urine, Connecting Peptide 24 Hrs Urine

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Why get tested?

To evaluate the insulin production by beta cells of the pancreas and to determine the cause of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).

When to get tested?

In diabetes to determine if there is sufficient production of insulin in the body, or oral medication, insulin injections and insulin pump are required.

Sample required

24 Hrs Urine

Test preparation needed

No special preparation required

About The Test

How is it used
C-peptide is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas. The inactive proinsulin splits and forms a molecule of C-peptide and a molecule of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that is vital for utilisation of glucose in the body. C-peptide is a useful marker of insulin production as C-peptide and insulin are produced at the same rate. C-peptide is tested for different purposes. C-peptide test is not used to diagnose diabetes, but either C-peptide alone or in combination with insulin levels helps to determine the endogenous insulin production in a diagnosed diabetic person. The C-peptide test can be used to monitor beta cell activity and capability over time in type 2 diabetic patients and to determine when to begin insulin treatment after a prolonged usage of oral drugs which might have resulted in beta cell damage. C-peptide measurement is a useful alternative to testing for insulin levels in people who might have developed antibodies to insulin which interfere with the tests for insulin. C-peptide measurements along with insulin and glucose levels diagnose the cause of documented hypoglycemia and are used to monitor its treatment. The C-peptide test may be used to help diagnose, monitor the treatment and detect recurrence of Insulinomas. Tumors of the islet cells of the pancreas that can produce excessive quantities of insulin and C-peptide which can result in severe episodes of hypoglycemia. C-peptide test may also be used to evaluate metabolic syndrome patients with risk factors like abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, abnormal blood lipid levels and hypertension. Rarely, C ûpeptide levels are used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment in patients who have undergone a transplant or a removal of the pancreas.


1. Can C-peptide levels be tested at home?

No. Testing of c-peptide levels requires special equipment and training.

2. Is a prior C-peptide test required before using an insulin pump?

Yes, during an initial evaluation to check the status of beta cells and to check if there is sufficient production of insulin.

3. What are the other uses of C-peptide?

C-peptide can be used as a therapy for diabetic patients and may show decreased diabetic complications, improvements in kidney function, blood flow, and nerve function. However it requires further research.