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Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Serum

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AMH, Mullerian - inhibiting Hormone, MIH, Mullerian Inhibiting Factor, MIF, Mullerian - Inhibiting Substance, MIS

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FSH, LH, Inhibin B, Estrogens, Testosterone, Progesterone

Why get tested?

In women, to evaluate ovarian function, fertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or ovarian cancer treatment. In an infant, to evaluate ambiguous genitalia.

When to get tested?

To evaluate the status of woman's fertility, to predict the onset of menopause, when PCOS is suspected, prior to an assisted reproductive procedure, to monitor the treatment of an AMH-producing ovarian cancer.In an infant boy, when the testicles are absent or improperly functioning.

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About The Test

How is it used
AMH is a hormone produced by the reproductive tissues. its role and the amount depends on sex and age. AMH test in women helps to estimate the ovarian reserve, evaluate ovarian function and to predict menopause.AMH test is done in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients to evaluate the response to treatment. An AMH test is also done to evaluate polycystic ovarian syndrome. AMH is used as a tumor marker in some ovarian cancers to monitor their treatment and recurrence. AMH test in infants is done to determine the sex of the baby with ambiguous genitalia.


1. Is AMH test a routine test for all women of childbearing age?

AMH test is not a routine test. It is only done if a woman has fertility issues.

2. Is an AMH test compulsory for every male child?

AMH test is not routinely needed. It is only done if the baby has ambiguous genitalia or undescended testis.