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Synonyms/Also Known as

PO4, Phosphate

Related tests

Calcium, Electrolytes, VitaminD, PTH, Magnesium

Why get tested?

To help diagnose the conditions which cause abnormallevels of phosphorus.

When to get tested?

When there are abnormal calcium levels, kidney disorder or uncontrolled diabetes.

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No special preparation required

About The Test

How is it used
Phosphorus tests is tested along with calcium, parathyroid hormone (PTH), vitamin D to diagnose and to monitor calcium and phosphorus imbalances in the body. Phosphorus is also measured in urine to monitor its elimination by the kidneys.


1. How are abnormal phosphorus levels detected in an asymptomatic person?

Abnormal phosphorus levels are usually detected when tested for calcium.abnormal calcium levels usually prompt a physician to test for phosphorus levels as well.

2. What are the functions of phosphorus in our body?

Phosphorus is an essential mineral required for growth and repair of body cells and tissues. Phosphorus along with calcium is essential for structure, strength, and integrity of bones and teeth Phosphorus is also required for energy production and pH regulation, etc.